Financial Adviser From Leeds. Kavos, Corfu, 2001
"You may shake your head, smile, mock, or turn away, but this dance madness proves nonetheless that the man of the machine age with his necessary wrist watch and his brain in a constant ferment of work, worry and calculation, has just as much need of the dance as the primitive. For him too the dance is life on another plane." Curt Sachs, World History of the dance, 1937, writing about the Tango.

Little does it surprise folk then that our nighttime activities are merely an extension of our daily lives. We just have the freedom and opportunity to Cooom ooon!!!help lift over 7000 people a week onto a higher, euphoric emotional plane, so whilst in the "House Of Smink," the crazy world is locked outside. Our nights are an escape, an adventure and an interactive journey we take together.

It's about breaking the audience/artist boundary, about being an event, not just watching one. The hippies in San Francisco knew this when they made the early psychedelic rock shows places to dance. Sid Vicious knew it when he jumped off the stage to pogo in the audience and watch the Sex Pistols. It's the answer to the Happy Monday's question, "What's Bez for?" And it's why the twist caused such a dancing revolution: without the worry of having a partner, you were free to be part of the whole room.
You’ve Been Sminked
Because you see, DJing is not just about choosing a few tunes. It is about generating shared moods; it's about understanding the feeling of a group of people and directing them to a better place. In the hands of a master, records become the tools for rituals of spiritual communion that for many people are the most powerful events in their lives.

Sminky gives you these events. The Smink Project gives you these experiences. prolongs these experiences by providing access to a community of like minded individuals, and the freedom and ability to have influential input on the outcome of our activities and events.