Troopers Spreading the Sminky Vibe with a PowerKite, March 2001
By providing a common play area, is dedicated to honouring the communal feeling of Sminky, which is the communicative backbone of the Sminky vibe. Venturing further afield has resulted in a virtual community being required to maintain the level of input, discussion, idea evolution and playfulness that has driven movements such as SM in KY and SM in Kavos '01. provides a central focus point for this open community and a reporting station for all Sminky Troopers on missions researching night-life in far off lands.
 ‘G’ and the SminkyBABES…aiiight!
Feel free to have a natter with someone in the chat room, or look at some pictures of what's going on after darkness falls. See how busy Sminky is on the web-cam, or perhaps share your musical views directly with the DJs on the message board. Send your requests and birthday shouts BEFORE an event, wander through Sminky's latest news bulletins, or spot an old school chum on a random holiday in Kavos. Join us in discussion on the message board straight after events to air your views while thoughts are fresh in your heads. Our virtual doors are always open.