Article: Sminky

Well, expectations run high in the Students' Union camp this week in anticipation of an eye opener of an F.N.D. Next Friday,March 30th sees the Students' Union play host to the Sminky launch party, SM in KY. The word is out comrades…Sminky is in town!

From their underground lair I bear witness to the plans afoot. I'm overhearing that the proceedings of the 30th will be an "all-toys-on-show" affair aiming to bring out the Loughbrarian in you. I'm told the "Sminky Troopers" have been studying our nighttime movements closely for the past 5 years. An explosive interactive entertainment formula was discovered, and is in preparation.

All this without the disconcertment of whether the tunes will provide? Yes, apparently so. They know our weaknesses, they know when to make us "Reach" and "Place our Hands in the Air", but their research shows we like the 'live' element whilst keeping it 'real', a surprise, a twist and a bit of a show. A bit of a laff, a bit of a sing, a group moment, loosing it for a second to the bass and sassing it up a bit sexy playing the mating game. The Sminky Mission…to focus and engage all emotions running high in the Union for a spectacle of technological entertainment in it's most erratic form.

The "Troopers" will be the ears on the dance floor, whilst the ears in the headphones keep the vibe alive. We have a realistic chance to make a difference to the atmosphere of our very own Union. It's ours. We vote people in to run it, why not have a say in the way it feels when the boys entertain us of a nigh time, at the time? The introduction to the saga has been Sminked up for your enjoyment…the rest has yet to be written.

A full Camera crew will be covering all your themed costumes. Dress is minimal…it's a fun filled madcap night of scantily clad-ness, so saucy and sexy is definitely the way to go!

LCR are providing a radio broadcast to keep latecomers up-to-date. A live web-cast through the LCR site will insure you can show off the way we do it to your mates at home. Say hello to Mum and Dad if you dare!

A strange inquisitiveness has dwelled within me, curious to see what the Union could accomplish if all it's constituent parts teamed up. After seeing what's brewing at HQ, I think I may just find out! They have fancy tricks and crazy madcap concepts…but in all fairness, who wants a sensible host at a party?

…Sounds like it might be time to "Think Smink" and let the good times roll.

Mary Daniels
On location: Smink HQ.