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"Purveyors of fine tunes since 2000."

With the number of requests we have received for shirts over the past months, we thought it was time to set up a shop dedicated to the different events put on by Sminky over the years. Each of the shops is dedicated to a different one of the symbols that represents Sminky.

The merchandise is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the Sminky vibe, and in spreading the word, you will be helping the cause. Any purchases made by yourself will be welcomed, as this will help support the running of the website.

Below are the current Sminky shops, distinguished by a different Sminky emblem. Each represents the different events/nights that Sminky has produced. Happy Shopping, if you require any assistance, one of our beautiful assistants will be right over to serve you...

Based and used on the original SM in KY night on March 30th 2001



The second installment in the Sminky saga. SM in KY v2: Night Trooping was born on March 15, 2002


Just Click on your favorite logo to go to that specific shop



Visited us on the web page? Like what you see? Put it on a mug, hat, shirt, or boxers to carry around at all times






For the female followers comes the line of Sminky Babes. Built around the blokes original logo, this one gives the women their own feminine fashion line




Not involved in the events so far? This general logo still helps you spread the word







We will be looking for Sminky Shirt wearers for free prize giveways at future events. So don't miss out, get in on the game...

The one thing you will notice when going into the shop is that the prices are in US Dollars. This is due to the service being based in the States. On a normal day the conversion is 1 USD = .70 GBP.

So multiply the price of the item by "0.7" to get pounds. Or just use the Currency Converter that we use.

Since the merchandise is also coming from the States, postage and packaging is $7 for the first item and $4 for any item after that. ie. A shirt for 16.99 (USD) would cost 11.91 (GBP), plus 7 (USD for postage), 4.90 (GBP), which means a total price of 16.81 (GBP). (It's not as confusing at it seems, honest.)

The one thing not to do is expect delivery within a week. Due to the shop being based in the States, the delivery time is around the four-week mark.

This is a service provided by Yes it's an American site but they're very good. There's a 30 day money back guarantee and a customer service system. As with any payments over the net, they also provide a secure payment process.

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