Oooopsie.. Looks like I made a boo boo. The music page is all fixed. Lovely. :-)
HAVEN'T WE BEEN BUSY!29th May 2000
     Okay, so maybe not that busy. Especially me (osmium), it took me 3 weeks to get around to release oblique's track. Oh well, here's a bevvy of beauties for you today.. Download, listen, and enjoy. Check the music section for more information....

RELEASE18th April 2000
     Haa Haa, told you'd there would be releases soon. Euji Acha has a new 3 track release out entitled Further Down the Maze. Check it Out..

NEWS17th April 2000
     We are alive, honest. For those of you that followed across from interspeed to hispeed a little background information. We haven't moved servers, just our hosting company decided to change it's name. Good business sense eh? I (osmium) was given notice, however I didn't read the mail saying this so wasn't aware of it until a week before the interspeed access was shut down. Doh! Anyway here we are again.
New releases coming soon.. real soon..

PRO-EUJI-LIFIC30th December 1999
      Euji Acha is back with another fine collection of ambient, dark trance, and techno tunes. Check them out in the Music section.

MESSAGE BOARD23rd October 1999
      Fancy making your comments on Blackhole public? wanna give us praise, or do you think we're rubbish? Got questions or remarks about music, or the trance culture in general? Why not post them on the Blackhole Message Board

NEW RELEASES23rd October 1999
      Another two fantastic releases for you, this time from resident artistic Italian oblique. Also Arclight's 6 track extravaganza. Enjoy.

UPDATES!1st September 1999
      About flippin' time too I hear you cry! The new disk 'NADIR' is finally released containing some great tracks by some great members. Go download them all right now! Also in the news today, Scheme has changed his name to Epimetheus. There were problems linking to the files. These have been fixed, and the zip files are uploading now (millionth attempt).

      The answer is no. We're not dead. Honest. We are all currently hard at work on a new collection of music, which will hopefully be released soon. In the mean time we have a couple of new releases from Quoz, and Euji acha.

      After much confusion, (mainly on my part - osmium), there's now a nice selection of new releases for you all to enjoy. Infact, there's 6 since the last news update.

HTML RE-'JIG'22nd APRIL 1999
      Thanks to our artistic advisor Oblique for spotting that there were some kinda fundamental differences between how netscape and internet explorer display the pages. The worst case of this was that in the recent release by paws, 'crystal clarity' only one song appeared under netscape. My apologies for this. It's now fixed....hopefully.

      Please welcome Scheme, and Paws onto the Blackhole team. Both Have released guest releases before now, and both are expectionally talented artists. We all hope to have somre more great songs from this duo soon. Also, check our new releases by JCL and Emphonic...

      Finally, the first singles are released, and we have 3 corking singles, 4 tunes, from Heatseeker, Euji Acha, and Jcl. Check them out in the music section...

      I had a personal request in from both the members, and also some of the public, asking me to put the genre of music next to each downloadable song. Done
      Also a request from some of the authors to put links to their personal pages, which are now migrating over to the blackhole server.
      Finally, i was asked why we have a 500k mod to download, and then a 5mb mp3 version also. Simple really. Not everyone has module players or, people don't use the reccomended player so it doesn't sound as it should. And of course, there's the individual that doesn't know what a mod is, and doesn't want to know. Blackhole is a music group for the internet, not just the tracking scene.
Flash pages, and next release still in production...

      After many many months of hard work and planning by all, blackhole, a new group of musicians opens its doors to the public. Here's a little story for those of you that are unaware of blackhole's history. Early in 1998 members of both onxy and cloudnine were starting to look for other ways to release their music. Both groups had been producing tracks that were both well respected in the genre, and, in places played at parties, and night clubs (although sometimes without the authors knowledge). Several artists from each group had decided to try to look for a future in the commercial release of their songs, and started putting together demo 'albums' with which some found luck, and some didn't. Because of this work outside the realms of either group the rate at which tunes were released dropped drastically. Other artists (myself included:osmium) had become tired, or frustrated with the medium, and simply didn't write music anymore. After talks between the heads of both groups a merger was planned. And the group was to be called 'planet three'. However, after more than half a year and no development on this project it was given up for dead by most of the members, and they all went their seperate ways. However, towards the end of 1998 I made a decision to try again at the project and started rounding up interested artists, and 'organising' things. The end product is this site, our music, and our art.

      Finally an operational version of the flash web page is available (for members), the releases are set to follow in a couple of weeks